Book review; 7 keajaiban rezeki by Ippho ‘Right’ Santosa

It was last week when I (finally) had my salary in my bank account (and there’s nothing left there today lol). I went to Gr**edia, looking for a book that sounded (and still sounds) epic on my twitter timeline: 7 Keajaiban Rezeki or 7kr. At first I thought like “oh dear, another 15k bucks will make it 100k bucks.. How rude T.T” but well, later I found out the value is more than it costs.

First, the book uses high quality paper material. Second, the thing contains there.

This book talks about why and how we use our right brain and be rich (in Islamic ways). Harder to work and pray, braver to try and more to give. I kinda like how the writer talks; spiritual, rational with some humorous chit-chats.

The best part of it (for me, of course) is “Sepasang Bidadari”. Parents and life partner. How u need ur parent’s ridha and ur partner’s cooperation to get rid of all ur dreams.

But well, the writer talks in very sharp words. So people who don’t open their mind so wide, might hate it. And also, he also mentions some Islamic term (which made me ended up googling) so it’s not really recommended for anyone who isn’t muslim.

I rate this book as 8 of 10. Great job, Mr. Ippho!

NB: know more bout the author by following his twitter account: @ipphoright ;)

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